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About the existence of this website

Yes. This website is the end of a process that has lasted for over a decade and spanned many hundreds of pages of emails and many hours of meetings over the phone and in person.

No. Kevin has been given many dozens of opportunities to alleviate the serious concerns we raise here. This website exists to protect the innocent from an aggressive and subversive oppressor.

No. Kevin oversees the spiritual care of many children through the children's ministries of Illawarra Community Baptist Church which include "a creche for your baby or toddler" and "a quality Sunday School for your primary-aged child."1 With the likelihood that camps are also offered, it is clear that there is a definite need to warn the Illawarra community of the danger to children. Kevin's views and actions also pose a significant risk to adults.

Yes. And we have. Unfortunately, Kevin has increasingly isolated himself over the years by separating from his mentors so that there is now no pastor that we are aware of that has any significant influence over him.

Kevin's church calls itself "an independent Baptist Church, free of any denomination."2 This means that there is no church that holds any authority over the church. Any accountability, then, must be exercised within the church. Which Kevin rules absolutely. Kevin is untouchable.

We have forgiven him. And will continue to do so. But the danger to others—especially children—cannot be ignored. And forgiveness does not remove the consequences of sin or crime.

Because every other option has been exhausted. And because people are at risk—especially children.

Because we ran out of ways to excuse not going public. The things that Kevin said to his own mother in response to the criminal conviction of her rapist are beyond the pale and pushed us over the edge. The danger is now too clear and too specific to ignore any longer.

With great agony of soul, with many tears, and with the firm conviction that I must not be responsible for doing nothing when innocent children are in danger.

About the allegations

Yes. So were slavery, segregation, child marriage, and a host of other evils. Thankfully Australian society has long since rejected these evils.

We are not aware of any major criminal offences committed by Kevin Harris at this time. There are, however, some lesser matters which will not be disclosed here due to their potential to prejudice future criminal proceedings.

Many. These are, of course, informal as the allegations aren't technically criminal. However, there are a number of people who have been impacted by his views and actions. And a number who have been involved in developing this website.

We are not aware of any instances of sexual abuse taking place in his church. Any such cases would, of course, be immediately reported to the police. There are, however, a number of cases of child sex abuse/adult rape to which he has been connected and in which he has consistently practiced the views alleged here.

We do believe Kevin's views increase the risk of harm to his children.

No. We have no overt evidence of abuse to his children. We do not feel that NSW Child Protective Services would be effective in an investigative capacity in this situation.

No. Some evil is not criminal until it is acted upon. Even then, some evil is not criminal. To our knowledge, it has not reached that stage.

You may request information or evidence. Under normal circumstances, further details will not be disclosed except to law enforcement officers as needed. If you believe you have a good reason to need a particular piece of evidence, we will consider your request. Names of victims will normally be redacted to protect the privacy of victims.

About Kevin

He needs to turn from these practices and views. He needs to take a clear stand against evil and for good. He needs to try to make things right with his victims. He needs to step away from Christian leadership for a time at least so that the stain of this scandal is removed from God's church.

You can contact Kevin through his church. But be aware that if you do, he is unlikely to show sensitivity toward his victims. He threw his own mother "under the bus" by attempting to publicly shame her at the Sydney Bible Baptist College graduation meetings in 2013 (Sermon mp3 is no longer available at this link, but can be downloaded here).3 So you will be dragged into awareness of things that we will not counter because the protection of victims is important to us.

Taking action

You can share links to this page. You can share your story with us. You can contact your local MP. You can write to the editor of your local paper asking him to report on this.

If appropriate, contact the police or a lawyer. If you wish to contact us, you may do so at

Please read some of the articles at our resource page. Also, you are welcome to contact us at

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