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Kevin Harris

This website exists to warn the Illawarra community about the cult-like leader Kevin Harris. Kevin is pastor of Illawarra Community Baptist Church, an Independent Baptist church. Not all Independent Baptist churches are dangerous, but this one is. This website gives evidence to back these allegations.
  • Kevin actively, aggressively harasses the victims of rape and sexual abuse.
  • Kevin endorses and empowers domestic violence.
  • Kevin systematically oppresses the vulnerable.
  • Kevin has a dangerous obsession with power.

Who are we?

I, Jason Harris, brother to Kevin Harris, am the editor of this site. I take full responsibility for what is here published.1
That said, I have been assisted substantially by many people in this project. My role has been to coordinate for a number of others who have been hounded, harassed, oppressed, and otherwise wronged by Kevin. Their names are sometimes withheld in order to avoid further harassment, victimisation, trauma, and/or upheaval.

Is this really necessary?


The short answer is that we can no longer not do something. The longer answer is three-fold. First, Kevin’s views clearly put children at risk. Kevin’s church actively seeks to reach parents by getting the kids to come along first. This means that parents, who naturally feel they can trust the church, are unwittingly putting their children at risk. Real, significant risk. Kevin’s views make his church a haven for rapists and paedophiles and he has openly stated that he will not allow the police to be contacted over sexual abuse or rape. He’s also openly stated that he will usually blame the victim of sexual abuse. Such views are an outrage to the Christian faith and utterly incompatible with Australian society.
Second, Kevin has pursued a long-term course of oppressing the vulnerable and disadvantaged. He has aggressively targeted the victims of paedophilia, domestic violence, rape, mental illness, etc. He has aggressively harassed multiple people invoking the condemnation of God himself.
Finally, he does such things under the guise of the Christian faith. To perpetrate such evil and oppressive practices is perfectly antithetical to Christianity. His foolishness led the Baptist Union of NSW to publicly repudiate any association with him as have a number of his Independent Baptist colleagues overseas. It is time that the Independent Baptists of Australia take a decisive stand on these oppressive practices and it is time that we stopped letting him call what he’s doing “Christian.” It’s not.

Why now?

We agonised over what to do about this increasingly alarming situation. We spent over a decade doing everything in our power to resolve matters. We exhausted every reasonable option and some options that were beyond reasonable. We tried every angle. And now he’s finally backed us into a corner. We feel the circumstances leave us no choice. We can no longer not speak out.

Why this?

We considered many, many options. This option allows us to clearly document the allegations/evidence, serves as a portal for helping others who come forward, and will serve as a warning to the local Illawarra community by coming up when people search the web for him or his church.

What should I do?

What actions should I take to protect myself and my family?
  • Don’t let your children attend events, services, or camps operated by him or any organisation with which he is associated.
  • If you’re involved in an organisation of which he is part (Illawarra Community Baptist Church, Sydney Bible Baptist College, etc.), get out.
  • If you’re not involved in these organisations, stay away from them.
  • If your friends are in these organisations, warn them of the dangers.
  • Take a stand against this.

A note from Jason

I have avoided writing these words for over a decade. For many reasons. Fear. Sorrow. Dignity. Love. But I can no longer not write them.
I have observed over the last eleven years a pattern of sectarianism and oppression that has now progressed to the point that it can no longer be ignored or covered.
I have sometimes addressed this sort of corruption and evil more generally in the Independent Baptist (IB) churches in Australia. But with nameless generality comes the luxury of dismissal as unproven allegation. The things we document here will forever remove that luxury.
The things outlined in these files serve as proof that the culture of sexual perversion and systemic oppression long decried by critics of IBs in Australia are incontrovertibly present. At least in the case of one prominent and influential IB: Kevin Harris.
If IBs across the nation wish to reasonably avoid the epithets “rape cult,” “paedophile haven,” and “culture of oppression,” they must rise in unison to decry the evil here exposed in their ranks.
I hereby call on every person and organisation to mark this man and to repudiate his devilish doctrines and oppressive practices.
It is with a staggering load of grief, and in fear of almighty God, that I draw your attention to this material.
For justice and mercy,

1This to the extent that anyone is legally responsible. My claim to sole responsibility notwithstanding, I reserve my full rights and disclaim all obligations allowable under the law. See the terms of use, privacy policy, and disclaimer for full details.