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On Joy Harris

Joy Harris survived 39 years of horrific domestic violence before finally fleeing for safety in October 2011. Her husband divorced her soon after. He was later charged with five counts of rape in the State of Queensland and pled guilty to two counts in January 2017. He is currently serving a prison term for these crimes. Her son, Kevin Harris, has opposed her at every step of the way, condemning her for leaving her abuser, blaming her for her rape, and condemning her for cooperating with the Police in the prosecution of crimes against her.

On Kezia Dennison

Several years ago, an adult woman was in need of immediate medical care. I assisted her in acquiring that care. I will not disclose the details of her condition/s or of the horrific crimes committed against her as a minor that relate to her condition/s. The Police have been notified and it is her decision to what extent she chooses to cooperate with them in the prosecution of these crimes. I will however address several rumours which have been spread by wicked men attempting to smear her reputation and mine. First, there is a rumour that she was kidnapped. An adult who makes a decision to leave home alone and does so of her own accord cannot possibly be the subject of a kidnapping and allegations to the contrary are absurd prima facie. Second, it has been alleged that memories were "recovered." No memories were "recovered" at any time. This is an outright lie and has precisely zero basis in reality. Third, it has been alleged that she at one point recanted her story. This is, again, an outright lie. At no time has her story changed over the span of a decade in spite of an onslaught of vigourous challenges and evidence can be produced to demonstrate this. Finally, it has been alleged that there was some impropriety in the relationship between myself and this woman. This is a malicious slander seemingly intended to discredit both this woman and myself. In fact, there was at no time the slightest hint of an inappropriate relationship and at no time within several months both before and after these allegations was I within 1,000kms of this woman. Those who have spread and continue to spread these and other slanders do so on ideological grounds that view people as property; crimes against children as mere sins to be renounced, forgiven, and forgotten; and mental illness as a fiction. They are evil men whose oppression will not escape the eye of Almighty God. For my part, I have no regret in assisting this woman as I did and will continue to stand as a voice for the oppressed wherever possible.

UPDATE (2021): You can listen to some of Kezia's story at The Modesty Files.

On Jason Harris

I served on staff at my brother Kevin Harris' church, Illawarra Community Baptist Church, for two years. During this time it became apparent that we were going different directions and in 2006, we parted ways. Up until this point, not one person at ICBC was aware of any significant differences between my brother and I. I behaved honourably—though not perfectly—toward him and when I left, the church was unified and strong. Kevin, however, took it on himself to publicly slander me at a gathering of pastors as well as sending out a letter to a large number of pastors slandering me. I have made no attempt to defend myself publicly over the last decade and will not do so now any further than to say that my doctrinal views are well known, publicly documented, and mainstream; my behaviour has been honourable; and my critiques of the Australian Independent Baptist movement fair.